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We provide bankruptcy legal services for filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, in Georgia. We offer free consultations to guide you to the appropriate type of bankruptcy filing for your situation. As your bankruptcy attorney, we guide you through the entire bankruptcy process from organizing documentation and filing for bankruptcy to representation in Federal bankruptcy court proceedings. Although you can file bankruptcy without an attorney, our services will mitigate any risks of filing errors, procedural errors, and common oversights that could cause Federal criminal charges to be filed against you.

Economic downturns have forced many people to make the tough decision to file for personal or business bankruptcy in Georgia. Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, or filing chapter 13 bankruptcy, provides immediate protection from creditor harassment, home foreclosure proceedings, and repossession of motor vehicles. Filing for bankruptcy is a somewhat complex process, and considering the new changes made in 2005, it is only natural that you will have questions on what to do or expect. We can provide answers to questions about bankruptcy and guide you to the best possible solution for your situation.

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We are standing by to serve as your bankruptcy attorney, and provide you with the answers that you need. We can help you through the entire process, from beginning to end, and ensure that you have the best possible plan for your situation.

We will

  • Guide you to the appropriate bankruptcy type of filing option.
  • Correctly prepare and file your complete bankruptcy petition.
  • Protect you from foreclosure, repossession, and collections.
  • Inform you about things to avoid in filing for bankruptcy.
  • Counsel you on common credit rebuilding scams and fraud.
  • Remove the stress from managing a bankruptcy process.
  • Get you a fresh financial start, and peace of mind.
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Why Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney?

When many people finally realize that they need to file bankruptcy in Georgia, they consider filing bankruptcy by themselves instead of hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney. For the do it yourself person, this usually results in a legal mess. The risks of mishandling your bankruptcy are great, and the potential results include having your bankruptcy denied because of incomplete information, denied due to filing for the wrong type of bankruptcy, having creditors out maneuver you in court, and even having criminal charges filed against you for inaccuracies that equate to fraud. The cost to hire our bankruptcy law firm to handle your bankruptcy is probably far less money than you think it would be, and you are assured of getting optimal results.

Without a bankruptcy attorney, the bankruptcy process can be very frustrating and intimidating. The decisions that you make, agreements that you sign, and results that you get are things that will affect your life for many years. You need to make the right decisions to protect yourself. Contact a bankruptcy attorney today and set up a free consultation. We will be glad to sit down with you to learn about the specifics of your situation, and then explain how to use bankruptcy protection laws to your advantage.

How Does The Bankruptcy Process Work?

Filing Bankruptcy Can Make Perfect Sense

Smart people use laws to protect themselves. Filing bankruptcy in Georgia is a perfect legal option to resolve your debt problem, and end the burden of debt caused stress and anxiety. Ending the debt problem is one good reason to file for bankruptcy, however other benefits can include improving your monthly budget and available cash, putting an end to many arguments with a spouse, or no longer being irritable with friends and family. There is much to be said about also the effects of stress on your health. For these reasons it can make perfect sense to file for bankruptcy in Georgia.

Bankruptcy Puts Money In Your Pocket

Filing for bankruptcy can put money in your pocket. Numerous people struggle with the "honor and pride factors" before filing for bankruptcy. There is no shame in using laws to your advantage. You may be able to hang on for a one, two or maybe three years, but unless your income situation changes dramatically, you will eventually be forced to file for bankruptcy. What this effectively means is that ALL of the money that you spent making minimum payments, and paying late fees, would be in your pocket if you had acted sooner to eliminate the debt. How much money equals one to three years of your bills and payments? Wouldn't you like to have all of that money in your pocket? The sooner you file for bankruptcy, the sooner that payment money stays in your hands. Yes, bankruptcy can put money in our pocket. We encourage you to call us now to make an appointment, or contact us online to arrange for a free bankruptcy consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in Roswell GA.

Bankruptcy Provides Relief!

When you file for bankruptcy, you automatically are protected under Federal laws. Filing for bankruptcy will

  • STOP Creditor Harrassment
  • STOP Collection Agencies
  • STOP Home Foreclosure
  • STOP Car Repossession
  • STOP Wage Garnishments
  • STOP Creditor Lawsuits

Bankruptcy can allow you to keep your personal property such as your home, cars, furniture and more. Call us to learn how bankruptcy can help you.

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Pursuant to 11 USC ยง528, all bankruptcy attorneys have been designated "debt relief agents" and are required to disclose that we help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.